Digital Theatre Technologies.  State of the art rental equipment for 99 seat theatrical productions.

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At Digital Theatre Technologies, we are committed to providing state of the art audio/video rental packages and other equipment to 99 seat equity waiver productions.  Because of our roots in small theatre, we understand the challenges producers face.  That’s why Digital Theatre Technologies caters to small theatre productions with tight budgets and big needs.

No matter your needs: Video projectors, computers, pro sound equipment, wireless intercom systems - we have it all and all of our gear is a cut-above. We can even install the gear, train the crew and provide support throughout the run – all at an affordable rate. We make long term rentals an affordable option. Finally, big budget equipment is in small theatres grasp.

Let's raise the production bar in 99 seat theatre!

Digital Theatre Technologies maintains a diverese inventory of audio and video projection equipment for rent, catering to the Los Angeles Theatre Community